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Gentle Chiropractic Care

Holistic Chiropractic Care in Cincinnati

Chiropractic is the largest natural, drug-less  healing art in the world, since 1895.  It is one of the safest, most effective, and most affordable ways to improve your overall health and well-being.

Dr. Michael Nichols and Dr. Julie Nichols founded Gateways to Healing in 2005 to help educate and empower the people of Cincinnati to live healthier, and therefore happier, lives.
The traditional art of chiropractic involves applying gentle forces to the spine that create adjustments in order to reduce spinal misalignments that are interfering with nerve communication, and release patterns of tension in your spine. This furthers the healing process and improves the integrity and efficiency of the primary conduit for healing, your central nerve system. By reducing pressure in the spinal region, the chiropractor can allow communication within the body to be more freely and easily transmitted through the nervous system. Then your spinal integrity can begin to improve and more importantly, increase your overall quality of life.  Spinal subluxations occur when the nerve system is irritated and compromised from physical, chemical, or emotional stressors that your body doesn’t recover from or adapt to properly.  This pressure and/or irritation of your nervous system limits your ability to achieve a greater level of health and vitality.

People come to us with many different types of problems: back pain, neck pain, migraines. We see many people who want chiropractic care as a preventative measure to avoid having the types of problems that occur if subluxations are left untreated. Prevention is truly the best way to prevent health problems, but whether you decide to come in just to relieve pain, or continue for wellness care, it’s always up to you.

Gateways to Healing provides gentle and effective chiropractic care in Cincinnati. There are over 100 techniques, or ways of adjusting the spine, in chiropractic. We specialize in what we have seen the best results in helping our patients achieve their goals of better health.  We do not do general manipulation of the spine, we provide only gentle, specific chiropractic care that is effective, and backed by research. The techniques we specialize in are Network Spinal Analysis, and Upper Cervical chiropractic.  We provide these techniques to be able to best address your concerns.  Our doctors have received extensive training in these techniques.

We utilize the latest in non-invasive technology to assess your spinal function.


We see ourselves as educators that empower you with an understanding of how the body functions so that you can make the best decisions on your own about your health.  Chiropractic care helps you live a happier and healthier life.

Our greatest wealth is our health.  Join the millions of people helped by chiropractic care worldwide today by calling us.